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Our Philosophy

As a team of veterinary experts with nearly 30 years of experience, we have faced many complex cases in the past, all of which came from diseases caused by aging and degeneration. In the past, animal medicine has not been as advanced as these days. Those health problems are often treated only by invasive and less efficient methods. It often causes chronic pain and different types of risks. Owners must also afford substantial medical expenses.

In recent years, veterinary medicine and biotechnology have changed rapidly, and we have become increasingly aware of and emphasised preventive healthcare. Vetsci focuses on bringing hope to mature animals' health and quality of life through our research and technology in veterinary medicine.

Against the related aging and degeneration health issues and diseases, Vetsci is here to provide safe, painless products at reasonable prices, enhancing and improving pets' quality of life yet exempting substantial medical expenses for owners.

Let's together, live happily with your loved pets.

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