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Pet Care Science Pioneer

Vetsci is the flagship brand of Prosper International Trading (Taiwan) Co., Ltd., QVG Group (Hong Kong), dedicated to protecting pets' health.

By offering healthcare options for mature and senior pets or those with chronic or degenerative diseases, we hope to prevent deterioration, improve, or even reverse their health conditions.

Healthcare products are painless, inexpensive, and have fewer side effects than invasive treatments. As veterinary professionals, we sincerely believe that "prevention is better than cure."


Forward Thinking . Inventive . Empathetic

Vetsci was formed by a team of professionals with a vision and passion for pets to exceed our client's expectations.

Each member is an outstanding relevant field representative and is here to provide the most advanced revolutionary healthcare products.

Learn more about us below.

Smiling Businessman



Dr. Shih has nearly thirty years of veterinary experience treating orthopaedic, chronic, and degenerative diseases.

He genuinely understands the severe impact of degeneration and lesions on pets' quality of life.

For this, he offers the most advanced, safe, and painless medical options and strives to improve the quality of life of mature and sick pets with the most profound love for every fur kid.

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