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Peptide is the Key

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MuscleUp Yeast Hydrolyzed Peptides

The intestinal tract is the most important place for digesting food and the source of nutrients for sustaining life. Intestinal flora is critical in regulating metabolism, nutrient absorption, and growth metabolism. A healthy gut can effectively absorb nutrients from food and help the body grow and repair. 

The balance of intestinal flora (Gut microbiota) affects the decomposition and absorption of food in the intestine and controls the efficiency of the body's delivery and utilization of nutrients. An unbalanced flora ecology will directly affect health and quickly cause body aging, muscle loss and degeneration of muscle strength, and even problems such as bone, joint and metabolic diseases.


The utilization efficiency of protein in the gastrointestinal system in the body is affected by factors such as daily protein intake, digestibility, and amino acid balance. Due to the massive molecular weight and poor solubility of macromolecular substances, the body's utilization rate is low. At the same time, macromolecular substances cannot pass through the intestinal mucosa through this route due to their massive molecular weight, which hinders the absorption of nutrients. Muscle Up contains unique low-molecular-weight yeast water peptides.

During the production process, the exclusive fermentation technology induces deep enzymatic hydrolysis, which can fully degrade high-molecular-weight proteins into small-molecular-weight protein peptides. Quickly absorbed by the animal body and improve intestinal absorption bioavailability and physiological function. Moreover, the patented process enhances the yeast extract formula ingredients in Muscle Up, which can effectively adjust the intestinal flora and improve the gastrointestinal digestive system, promote metabolism and maintain intestinal health in the body.

Muscle Up Peptide Key Reversal Mechanism

The key to preventing aging is the "mitochondrion." Mitochondria are the kinetic energy batteries of biological cells. Each tissue cell has hundreds to thousands of mitochondria, providing the energy cells require to perform various critical physiological activities. Studies have found that mitochondrial aging is like the efficiency of batteries getting worse, requiring longer charging time and poor efficiency in use.


In many organs or tissues with vigorous metabolism, the expression of mitochondria is relatively high. For example, muscles or the brain, tissues, and organs that require much energy, with the aging of mitochondria, animals are unable to do what they want and even will gradually become forgetful and confused. Besides, aging,  improper diet or lifestyle, and other injuries also cause the function of mitochondria in tissue cells to begin to be damaged, which will aggravate the damage of aging mitochondria. 

Not only reducing the efficiency of energy synthesis but also producing excessive oxidative free radicals that can cause tissue cell damage. Functional decline affects metabolic capacity and promotes gradual aging in the body, which forms diseases such as muscle or joint damage. The primary function of 5' adenosine phosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is to activate the absorption and metabolism of glucose and fatty acids. Muscle Up peptides regulate the body's metabolic efficiency by activating 5' adenosine phosphate-activated protein kinase.

Aging or disease caused by slower metabolisms is a physiological and pathological phenomenon prone to occur. With increasing age, the accumulation of life pressure, unbalanced eating habits, ubiquitous chemical additives, and even the air pollution of the environment, let the body is invaded by metabolic disorders all the time. 

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Muscle Up peptide is a nucleic acid peptide derived from natural yeast through strain culture, high-tech separation technology, low-temperature concentration extraction, and purification to promote energy utilization after years of research and development effectively. The screened and refined MuscleUp peptides are easy to absorb, utilize, and enhance efficacy through unique decomposition technology.


After completing cell analysis, animal experiments, and tests under strict control, we found that using Muscle Up peptide conjugates can effectively activate the AMPK metabolic factor in cells. It enhances the efficiency of ATP energy generation and utilization in the body. Activating the cellular kinetic energy equation in the body to promote body energy is effectively used to enhance body metabolism, reverse aging factors, and activate the self-repair of joint muscles.

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